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There are distinguishing traits that set great leaders from managers. While managers are those people who do things right, leaders are those who choose to do the right thing. Managers plan what is best for a company, organize his team, coordinates with different managers, while leaders inspire their team to a vision, and motivates these people to work together to achieve a common goal, which is organizational success.Powerful leaders have certain traits that make them loved and respected by their team. Read on to find out about these unique traits.

Motivational Speaker•  Great leaders value the opinion of their people

They create an atmosphere in the organization, which encourages their team members to speak up their minds. Powerful leaders realize the value of the opinion of each and every member of their team, and so they listen to these perspectives. People from different backgrounds can have different views, and sometimes, the differences in these views help an organization in attaining success. If you are a manager who oftentimes get your employees intimidated by you, we at can teach you how best to encourage your group to voice out and share their valuable opinion.

•  Great leaders set clear expectations

Great leaders are also great communicators. They can communicate their expectations to their team, so that each member knows and understands the core values of the organization. It is also important to communicate to the whole group the vision, mission and objectives of the organization. Doing so will guide everyone as they carry out their individual tasks. This can also give them a rationale on why they need to work on a certain task. When an employee understands why he needs to complete a task, he becomes more motivated and becomes more successful in his task.

•  Great leaders acknowledge their team’s efforts

As great communicators, leaders also provide their members with feedback on their performance. Communicating the areas on which an individual needs to improve on will help him learn and grow. In addition, communicating the best practices of an individual will help him build more confidence and will inspire him to do even better in his other responsibilities. Great leaders acknowledge the efforts of their people and they never take these key employees for granted.

•  Great leaders are humble enough to seek counsel

Leaders also understand that communication is a two-way process, so they have the openness to accept criticisms given to them by their peers and members. When leaders are open to these feedback, they get the chance to improve their methods to provide even better guidance to their people. With the importance of giving and receiving feedback, it is important to learn about the best methods of communicating to the people in your team, which you can learn at

•  Great leaders trust their men

Great leaders also see the importance of showing their people that they trust them. They delegate tasks to their people, but they also do not micromanage to show their members their trust. Powerful leaders communicate what must be done, but they never dictate to their people how to do things. At, we will provide you with tips and techniques on how to efficiently and effectively delegate the tasks to the proper departments or people.

•  Great leaders bring out the best in their people

Aside from delegating tasks, leaders also show how they value their people by bringing out the best in them. Leaders do this by giving their people tasks that will be challenging to them. These types of leaders do not allow their colleagues to settle for comfort, and always promote dynamism in the organization. Employees may find it difficult to overcome these challenging tasks at first, but when they have completed these tasks, they are sure to learn many things and acquire new skills. Tips on how to challenge employees to bring out their full potential can be learned at

•  Great leaders are good role models

Great leaders are also great examples. They lead by example by practicing what they preach and being mindful of their actions. The best leaders know that many people look up to them, so they understand that they need to be good role models for their people.

•  Great leaders find solutions, not faults

The best leaders in the world are those who are not afraid of dealing with issues head on. When problems arise, their initial response will be how to deal with the matter. They do not point fingers and look for someone to blame. Instead, they encourage their people to work together to help solve the issues. At, we will help you to hone your problem solving skills so that you will become a great and powerful leader.

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