Complementing Your HCG Drops with a Great HCG Lifestyle

Buy-HCG-DropsIf you’re a beginner with the HCG diet or planning to go with it, then you are like many weight-loss hopefuls that are a bit confused on the proper steps to make sure they stick with this amazing dietary program. It’s pretty simple to take your HCG drops at the prescribed times of the day, but it is a whole different story trying to go through a day. There aren’t any real rules, but there are plenty of guidelines so as to ensure that you don’t veer away from the right path.

First of all, you have to get acquainted with water. Yes, water. If you haven’t been a big water drinker before starting on the HCG diet, make sure that you do try to develop a thirst (no pun intended!) for it. Water helps alleviate the hunger that you may and will encounter due to not being used to limiting yourself with consumption. Believe us, this is completely normal. The body is merely reacting to a lifetime’s worth of improper eating, only responding to say that it is extremely wary of the changes. Water then becomes your closest ally in the fight against fat because it not only cleanses your body of unwanted fat and toxins, but they also sate your body in such a way to make you seem full.

Don’t worry if you drink too much water; the weight that you may gain from drinking more often is only temporary and will disappear in the very next day. We can’t stress enough the importance of water in the diet. Also, make sure that it’s good, clean, and sterilized water; nothing from the tap should ever pass through your lips.

With the significance of water, it goes without saying that even the different kinds of niceties you use every day in your home for your body should also be water-based. Cosmetics, hair gels, and other kinds of items should never be oil-based. It is because anything oil-based can inadvertently be hazardous to the HCG diet by introducing fatty oils that are avoided in your food. Make sure that everything you use is as natural as it can be.

Sometimes, however, the hunger can’t be alleviated by water, no matter how hard you try. If that happens, make sure you stock up on fruits because you will be eating them for those moments of weakness. Per hunger pang, eat only one fruit like an apple or banana. Fruits won’t add so much as any visible calories that may affect your pre-planned daily intake of calories.

Speaking of pre-planning, the one thing that you should never, ever, ever forget is your pre-planned food. Make it a habit to plan out your delicious dishes for an entire week. Start concocting your menu on every Sunday to allow maximum flexibility with time. There are plenty of recipes created specifically for HCG dieters who take HCG drops, and learning a variety of them can take some time. But so long as you free up a Sunday every week just for that activity, you’ll find your regular days to run as smoothly as Don Draper of Mad Men.

With food, know that your pangs of hunger aren’t always due to your body reacting to the change in your diet, but sometimes, it’s only because you yourself want something tasty. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to keep your HCG-qualified dishes to be the most orgasmic meals you’ve ever had. Strong seasoning and masterful craftsmanship can go so far along with the diet. Much like the HCG drops; taste is an extremely important factor for your diet. Sheer variety will also help, making sure that every meal is something new that something repetitive. Once you’ve had your fill of a flavorful meal, you will notice the hunger kept at bay more often. With enough time and repetition, the hunger will go away completely, leaving you free and clear from any sorts of temptations that may come along the way.

The concept of flavor also goes together with fruits and water. With a couple of slices from your favored fruit with common juice, like a lemon or and orange, add them to a pitch of water and add an artificial sweetener of your choosing. Not only do you get your taste buds in a tizzy, but you also get to healthy benefits of water, clearing up your system and pushing back hunger.

Finally, keep yourself busy. If you have any downtime at all, go on and do something to keep your mind away from food that endanger your diet. Watch some television, read a book, play a video game, do some yoga, and pretty much anything else under the great sun. If your mind and hands are occupied, there won’t ever be any room for temptation to squeeze its way into your psyche.

Remember always that with the proper activities, your prescribed dosages of HCG drops, and good determination, you will well be on your way to your fabulous figure and healthy lifestyle, all thanks to the HCG diet. Good luck and bon appetit!