Factors to Consider in Customizing Badge Lanyards

Customized lanyards have changed the way we look at how companies work for increasing their brand recognition. By coming up with professional-looking IDs attached to the lanyards showing the name and logo of the company, it’s confidently easy for existing employees to attract potential clients.

Though it may seem easy to purchase lanyards for corporate use, it’s difficult to come up with stylish designs that can match the color of the lanyards and complement the employee’s uniforms.

The marketing and advertising department of the company is in charge of that. Although the design of the logo and company name should not be changed, these people must come up with eye-catching designs on other areas to increase brand awareness.

What are the other things that should be considered in customizing badge lanyards? Let’s look at them below:

• Purpose. It dictates the kind of lanyard that our company should produce. Various business types require various materials for the lanyards that they will use. Normally, industrial companies like factories use lanyards that are made of practical and durable materials. Their primary concern is not the color and design of the lanyards. It’s enough for them to see a simple design that contain the distinctive logo and company name on the lanyard’s surface. In addition, they also require lanyards that have retractable hooks so that employees can easily attach small tools for their everyday tasks.

budget lanyards• Budget. We consider the budget before purchasing a specific item and the same thing also goes for ordering high-quality customized lanyards. We must have a budget that will fit our preference when it comes to our desired lanyard design. Don’t go for customized printing providers that offer much cheaper prices. Chances are, the quality of lanyards will become sacrificed.

Instead, ask the preferred printing provider to supply affordable packages that suit our needs. If they offer additional attachments such as retractable cords and gadget hooks, we can refuse them as they will add more to the total cost. However, if there’s really a need to use these attachments, we may ask the provider to help us find durable materials at a less expensive price.

• Design. The intricate design of the brand name or logo is another thing to consider in customizing badge lanyards. Every company wants to be unique from the others that’s why; it’s essential to come up with an eye-catching logo and a distinctive brand name. As clients, we have to make sure that the logo and brand name printed on the lanyard’s surface are well-designed to create a more professional-looking appeal for all especially for prospective clients.

Normally, companies that have more intricate and multi-colored logo or brand name designs need lanyard types that can specifically accommodate their needs. Usually, silk-screen printing is suggested for these designs because it’s more affordable than the embroidered process. Not to mention, it’s easier to create these designs through silk-screen printing.

• Size, Next thing to consider is the size of the logo or company name that will be printed on the lanyard’s surface. Determining the design size is essential because the appropriate lanyard length and width will depend on it. Complex designs require wider lanyard sizes while the simpler ones need leaner or lesser lanyard width.

• Colors. Keep in mind that colors play an important role in customizing lanyards. Go for the ones that will complement the logo design and the employee’s uniforms. The first thing that we usually notice about a lanyard is its color so it should always look attractive. Avoid using gaudy or neon colors because their shades are unappealing to our eyes.

• Message. While the role of logos are to increase brand recall, the role of printed messages is to provide pertinent information about the brand. Texts such as taglines, website address and contact numbers can be imprinted in the lanyard’s surface.

• Safety. Some types of badge lanyards are made with breakaway styles or features. Breakaway ones are generally safer to use as they are easier to open when grabbed by other people.
• Lanyard widths. There are four standard lanyard widths to consider apart from the logo size:
1. 1/8 inch width (round) – this is ideal for conferences and trade shows.
2. ¼ inch width (round) – this is considered as the most compatible width for all breakaway lanyards.
3. ¾ inch width (flat) – this is the standard choice for our daily office works and school activities.
4. 5/8 inch width (flat) – this size is ideal for any complex design.

Taking all these things into consideration will definitely bring positive effect on our company’s marketing strategy of using customized badge lanyards as promotional items. For a wide range of lanyard customization services, we can visit sites like www.wholesalelanyards.com.

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