How To Repurpose Expired Content

How to Expertly Handle Expired Content

 expired seo content

SEOExplode states that online content naturally reaches expiration or becomes stale sooner or later. Businesses eventually discontinue some products or services, things change with the business, etc. Expired content is simply a fact of life when you are doing business on the Internet.


However, dealing with expired content – now that’s a knockout question. Do you simply delete the content? Create fresh content and repost them on the same page?


Beef them up with new information and just keep the URL because it’s been surfacing on Google for a long time? Today’s blog post will focus on the questions that revolve around expired content, and what to do so your SEO doesn’t get hit just because of expired content.


If you own a website with hundreds or thousands of posts, going through all that content one by one is going to be a disaster.


It will take up too much time, for one, and it’s easy to make mistakes when you’re dealing with a huge volume of pages and write-ups. But then again, there is no catch-all answer for determining what should happen to expired content in the first place. However, it is important to ask the following essential questions:


– Does the content still provide relevant information to the customers?


– Does analytics show that the page itself is ranked highly, and is preferred by Google when it comes to surfacing results for high value search terms?


– Does the page have high organic referrals? Organic referrals are backlinks and other types of mentions on websites and even social media.


– Do you have content that you can use to replace the old content that could potentially perform better?


– Does it potentially contribute to index bloat?


These guide questions will likely provide the insights you need to determine what to actually do with so-called expired content. Let’s talk about each one and how these facets of content affect recycling, updating, or removal of older content.


Does the content still provide relevant information to the customers?

 relevant content for seo

If a page or post still has relevant content on it, there’s no real need to remove it unless it’s an old product or service that simply does not exist anymore on your website. Archiving old content ensures that there’s space for more relevant content so that Google can surface newer posts or pages with updated information.


But let’s say that you inadvertently created evergreen content because you outdid yourself in creating a well-structured page with lots of information, photos, and even links to other relevant references.


The stats stack up that people love the page, but the page is already a few years old. What do you do? Judging from how Google actually show results, your content should stay up, because in the absence of better content, Google doesn’t mind showing results from 2, 3, or even 5 years ago.


Does analytics show that the page is still showing good ranking signals?

seo ranking signals

All discussions about expired content will eventually circle around data (or, this should be the case, as data is the only reliable basis for SEO decisions). Again, if the page is showing good ranking signals, there is no reason for you to remove the page.


What if you choose to update the old page instead?

update old content

Updating old pages with new information and perhaps images and videos is always a good idea. However, Google remembers the content on the pages and the newly added content may not be ranked the same way as the old content.


So if you are going to update an old page, don’t change the old text too much – just add sections. This will ensure that Google’s old index or ‘memory’ of the page remains the same, and your page will not suffer a reduction in relevance for your target search terms.


Do you have content that you can use to replace the old content that could potentially perform better?


This is a huge issue especially for business owners that have plenty of websites but not enough fresh content to go around the websites that are serving a single niche. If you don’t have new content for replacement don’t remove old pages.


Add new pages if you want, but the older ones that have been indexed should stay up unless the criteria for removal that we discussed earlier apply to them (e.g. the pages talk about products or services that are no longer being offered). If the information is just old, the best option would be to just update the pages.


Does it potentially contribute to index bloat?


Index bloat happens when a website is packed with too many pages, and this makes it difficult for Google to index the entire website.


The slower the indexing, the less effective the overall approach, because as much as possible, we want to create a clear entryway for spiders to crawl our websites’ indices with ease. The less challenging it is to make sense of the context of a website, the better off you will be.


How do you achieve clean indexation?

google indexing

Bloating occurs when Google picks up things on your website that don’t really correspond to your short term and long term goals. But we get it: content production isn’t perfect all the time, and there’s a huge chance that once in a while, you put up a bad page.


This rings true for websites that are developed by external teams, and if there’s no proper management of these teams. Business owners can end up with a bloated website and they wouldn’t even know what him them in the first place.


There are other potential problems that can prevent Google from indexing a website efficiently. For example, if the URLs are not human readable (i.e. made of random strings of numbers and letters), then that’s going to be a problem.


Page titles must also make sense, because all HTML data are read, indexed, and eventually graded by Google to see how relevant the page in question is to the current search. Messy URLs and page titles that don’t make sense will eventually affect the degree at which your content can be surfaced by the search engine.


Let’s say that you don’t want to remove your old pages because nearly all of them continue to have informational value. The permanent redirect is the solution for people who recycle almost all of their content. If this is the case for you, then it’s important for you to know that permanent redirects can actually delay the indexing of websites.


What’s more is when you redirect to another page, that page has to be a clear replacement of the page that you just redirected.


What this means is that if you are keeping the page up for whatever reason and choosing to redirect it, then you must give the user another page that has relevant content – because if you’re just leading them back to the homepage to do another search, that’s going to be a problem.


Well, it might not look like a problem to you, but Google sees that as an obstacle to page relevance, and Google just might penalize your website because of those redirects.

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Things Trusted Jewelry Brokers Will Do When You Sell Your Items

When it comes to moving forward with selling jewelry today, you will find that you have a lot of options that you can pursue. One of the main solutions that people look for is pawn options, which are good, no doubt, but there’s more than that. There are some companies that work specifically for the purpose of buying and selling items that are made of precious metals.

That includes pieces that you would otherwise not even use. If you aren’t sure about this, or you have no idea about how to progress with this, you may want to look at a few things that a trusted jewelry broker will do. For instance, you are going to find that one of the best companies to work with includes, They are going to deliver on the premise of several things, including the following solutions that you may otherwise not get.

Top Value For Items

The first thing that is true about a good resource is that they will give you top dollar for your items. They will give you money for things that you have and will evaluate the values based on the daily trading of gold, silver, and more.

Whatever the spot value is, you’ll get close to it, which is more than you could get with any other option at all. In fact, many people have found that they will not get nearly as much with other solutions, including going online for auctions or even going with a cash for a gold solution.

Either way, you are going to find that you can’t really move forward with top dollar exchanges, without going with a valued resource. A good source, such as cash 4 jewelry now, will pay you more for jewelry items, than many other resources.

Fast Payments

pawnThe next thing that you are going to notice from a trusted resource is that you will get money fast. That’s right, you will get paid a lot of money for your items, which you already know. However, you will get paid faster when you go with a company that works out well.

A good company that deals with jewelry sales, will pay you within 24 hours if not sooner. If you go to their official offices, you could get paid faster. Some sites drag their feet, others don’t want to pay out in certain terms, but that’s not the case with the better solutions out there. The better solutions will pay you quickly, and you will end up with a positive push forward as well.

Peace of Mind

No matter how much you are trying to sell, no matter what you’re working on, you’re going to find that peace of mind is hard to move forward with. Peace of mind is something that you cannot put a price on at all. One of the best things that you will receive when you work with this solution is that you will have peace that you didn’t get swindled or anything like that.

Many people don’t realize that, until they actually work with the right solutions. If you work with,, you will have peace of mind that you are getting top dollar, and that you are not going to have to deal with lackluster results. You will not have to deal with the wrong things, and you’ll be given a better solution.

At the end of the day, you’re going to find that there is a lot of options that you will want to explore when selling your jewelry, whether it’s in good order or not. But don’t go searching too far, because you can always work with a good source and that’s it. The best option, may very well be, which is easier to work with than most.

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Understanding Pawn Shop Businesses and How They Operate

It used to be that shops that let you pawn off your valuable items had a negative reputation. People shy away from these shops because some of them feel like pawn brokers cannot be trusted to give them a fair price for their most treasured possessions. Recently, however, the success of TV reality shows about pawning and pawn shop businesses has opened up people’s minds to the idea of using these kinds of shops to get quick cash and other short term loans.

The “pawn” in pawn shop is an action word that means an item of value is being used as collateral in order to borrow money from the pawn broker. But how does that really work?

When you come with a valuable item, the pawn broker would inspect your wares to see if it is indeed something that is valuable to them.

GoldNote that not all items can be pawned off. Some of them, like gold, platinum, and jewelry can be easily pawned off. For other expensive items like refrigerators, washing machines, laptops and phones, you could be hard pressed to find a pawn shop willing to take those in. At we accept similar items.  We also accept new and used jewelry, sterling silver flatware, gold and silver coins and the like. For a complete list of the items that we accept visit our website.

Once the item is confirmed to be something that has great value, the pawn broker will approximate the cash value of the item. After he has appraised the item, he will give you an amount that he is willing to loan to you for the item that you are pawning off to him. This is the part where most people get confused.

Suppose they bought a gold ring for $2,000. The value they think that the pawn broker will give them will be $2,000 or something along that line. Even if the pawn broker knows the exact value of your item, he still won’t give you that amount in exchange for your gold ring because he has to factor in the cost of storage of your valuables, the demand for that item, and the security that he has to put up to protect your valuables. Another thing is that the pawn broker isn’t really buying your item. He is simply loaning you an amount and using the item as collateral. All pawn shop owners will only give you a fraction of the retail price of your item, so don’t expect to get the full price that you paid for it.

Once you have agreed to the pawn broker’s price you will need to show some identification and fill up some papers stating that you are pawning off that item.

The paperwork will also contain the interest rate that you will be responsible for paying if you are unable to return the loan on the agreed date. Loan payments usually get paid on a monthly basis. After paying the full loan price plus interest and other handling fees, you get your item back safe and sound.

In the event that you are unable to pay the loan, the interest, and other charges, the item that you have pawned off defaults to the pawn broker and he becomes the owner of that item. He can do anything with it as he pleases and you can’t do anything about it. You can’t go to the police and say that he stole the item because of the agreement that you have signed becomes a legal and binding document.


Once the pawn broker becomes the owner of your item, he can auction off the item to get an even higher price for it or sell it in his shop. You can try buying it back from the owner, but there is a good chance that he will give it to you for a much higher price than the loan that you got in the first place. This is why it is important to pay back loans on pawned items on agreed dates otherwise you lose the item.

If you are unable to pay the loan on time, some pawn brokers may be nice enough to extend the deadline or draft another agreement for more time and more interest on your item. You can try asking the shop owner for requests like this but note that they won’t always want to help you out. They are trying to run a business after all.

Hopefully after reading this article you’ll have a good idea about what pawn shop businesses are actually there for. At, we extend loans for pawned items. We can also help appraise the value of your treasured possessions so that you know how much they could be worth should you want to pawn them off in the future. If you want to learn more about pawning and pawn brokers in general, you can visit our website at

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How to avoid defects in PCB Assembly?

After working so hard for a couple of months, you finally managed to buy that new smartphone you are dreaming of. Finally, you are the first one among your friends to own it. Now imagine the frustration it would bring if you find out your hard-earned gadget is defective. You cannot help but complain, venting all your frustrations on the manufacturers.

PCB-assemblyThese defects, as frustrating as it is, are often rooted from the mistakes committed during the production process. For instance, in the quick turn PCB assembly stage, a single mistake can affect the entire electronic production. However, while mistakes are part of every process, it can be very much avoided. And to avoid these defects, it is essential that one must know and understand its root causes to understand how to prevent it. Check out the following defects in PCB assembly and their root causes to prevent yourself from committing the same mistakes!

Component Shift

The misalignment of components to its target is called Component Shift. It happens during the reflow stage, wherein components can float on the molten solder, causing realignment.
Component Shift is also caused by mismatched parts to pad geometry, pulling the part towards the closest thermal mass. Moreover, misshapen and bent leads, heat sinking of asymmetrical components, and the oxidation of component may also cause this defect.

However, prevention can be done to avoid this. It includes following the required humidity and temperature and improving the accuracy of components in pick and place machines. You can also lessen the amount of movement the un-reflowed assembly sees, and use aggressive flux to improve the component or PCB’s solderability to prevent the defect.

Corrosion due to Flux Residues

Flux is often used before soldering to reduce the oxides that are forming on the copper surface. However, the problem with this is that it can cause corrosion of the surface since it contains corrosive contents such as chlorine or bromine.

To get rid of these inorganic fluxes, the “no-clean” flux, which is composed of organic acids such as adipic or citric, was introduced. This kind of flux is being marketed as a no rinse flux, since organic acids decompose upon being subjected to temperature during the soldering process. Being a no-rinse flux, some manufactures do not bother to clean it.

This organic flux however may not decompose during a wave soldering process, resulting to a flux residue. Since the flux is being shielded from the molten solder, it may not reach the correct temperature for decomposition. This flux residue is still acidic in nature and is possible to cause corrosion in the area it was trapped.
Corrosion can be prevented by removing the flux residue as you clean the wave solder pallets. Use the same solvent that is used to dilute the flux and fiber-free cloths in cleaning the residue to avoid contaminating other products with debris.

Open Solder Joints

Open Solder Joints is caused by the lack of bond between the lead and the pack, or when there is solder only at the component lead but not on the circuit board. This results to an open connection on the PCB.

Other causes include the lack or inconsistency of solder paste or solder paste deposit, or the gap between circuit board pad and components leads. In addition, corrosion or contamination at component’s lead, weak solder paste and poor reflow profile may also cause it.

To prevent this defect, make sure you do the following during the PCB assembly stage: aspect ratio is correct, lead co-planarity is investigated and operator material handling procedures are monitored, extreme environmental effects are avoided, and PCB supplier’s fabrication issues are investigated.

Solder Joints Crack

Solder joints can develop cracks due to stress-induced factors as time pass by. This crack may lead to fractures or the complete separation of the solder balls to the ball grid array (BGA) or PCB. This results to displacement which causes the pin’s permanent failure and unwanted short circuits.

PCB assemblyExperts examined trends in electronics during recent years that may lead to the cause of this defect. These trends include the use of lead-free solder and the use of compact BGA components.
Lead-free solder is known for higher brittleness and are more prone to cracks under stress than the traditional tin-lead solder. On the other hand, despite the advantages BGA possess, it is not very efficient at even distribution of stresses.

Both trends when combined increase the possibility of crack if it exceeds the maximum allowable stress.
To avoid solder joints cracks, implement a strain Gage test on the PCB to make sure these trends are within the allowed stress limits. If it exceeded, rework or redesign the fixture to reduce stress to meet the required stress level.

Whether it is a cheap smartphone or complex machinery, defects in any form is a frustrating case. And in one way or another, these can be avoided if one is equipped with the proper knowledge and right skills.

With these problems in mind, Imagineering assures its valued patrons that we have a deep understanding, knowledge and skills to prevent these defects from happening. Expect only the most efficient, cost-effective and satisfying PCB assembly services that you deserve.


Quick turn PCB assembly is the process were many component are used and assemble in the circuit board, here a single mistake can affect the entire electronic production.

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Gone were the days when small pieces of cloth were sewn on clothing to patch up holes borne out of regular wear and tear. Back then, to see a patch on clothing simply means that it is still intended for further use, thus, the reason for patching up the holes.

Today, patches are sewn, ironed, or taped (using Velcro) on clothing to showcase a certain fashion statement. Some interest groups even design their own custom made patches to give them identity – race car clubs, sports teams, even corporate patches on shirts. If back then, a patch on clothing was seen as demeaning, now, they are proudly worn to signify membership in a iron-on-patchcertain group or team.

Patches usually display logos, insignias, names of companies or organizations. Traditional patches usually have these logos embroidered on sturdy cloth. Some are as straightforward as having a company’s initials with its more known logo. Others, on the other hand, choose to have more intricate designs for more appeal.

What is the Work that Goes into Every Patch Design?

Because of new emerging technologies, patches can now be made en masse in as easy as just a few days. The design of the patches will, of course, dictate a certain minimum amount per piece based on the design to make. However, if the volume of the patches ordered is high, economies of scale will act to the advantage of the buyer as this will pull the prices down.

Companies manufacturing patches have made the ordering process fast and efficient for customers who want to have custom made patches. They even help customers in doing the design, guided by specifics provided by customers in the areas of design, size, type of patch and colors.

How does one really zero in on a design? Of course, if what you need are corporate patches (and these are usually used for marketing purposes), colors used should be specific that just seeing them from afar, the target market can already distinguish the brand just by the colors itself. Aside from the colors, corporate patches usually would have the name on them or the company’s logo.

Other customers would just have a general idea of what it wants, would dictate some colors they want then ask the patch manufacturer to help design the patch. The good thing is that designing is free of charge.

Preparing the digital proof of the patch based on what the customer has requested comes next. With us, you have an assurance that the artist will follow all your requested details – from the size, to the colors, text, graphics, and even up to the edge requirements.

From that, the customer reviews and either approves or requests further changes until a final proof is approved, which becomes the basis for the patch design to manufacture. Patches on the Go is your one-stop shop for all your patch requirement needs. We make sure that you will get your custom patches the way you want it done and will never stop until you have the exact design and color you want. enables you, our dear customer, to see through the patch making process, how our team of dedicated artists can help you come up with a patch design that you can be truly proud of.

Aside from helping you with your design, you also get an idea of how much your patches will cost. This will be based on some factors like the size of your patch, the number of colors you will be using on the patch, and the number of patches that you will be ordering.

Shipping costs will not be a problem as well since shipment within the US is free of charge via FedEx.

So the next time you need custom patches, just give us a call or better yet, e-mail us. We will be more than happy to help you concretize your patch idea the way you want it. We will make sure that your time with us is time well spent and that you will be satisfied with the end product. At, you will never see patches the way you used to. Instead, we will see to it that your patches will be proudly worn!

You can make your own statement using Iron On Patches and best can be ordered from

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Top Six Must-Have Callaway Golf Gear

At RockBottomGolf, we know firsthand that Callaway Golf is one of the leading makers and innovators of golf products. It has been serving golf enthusiasts since its founding in 1982. Aside from selling golf equipment, it sells golf accessories like bags, gloves and headwear to over 70 countries around the globe. Best known for their golf clubs, it tops the sales of fairway woods, hybrids, irons and putters. Moreover, the Callaway Golf continues to conquer the sales of other golf products becoming the world’s second largest golf ball producer in 2015. Whether you’re a professional golfer or just starting out, the Callaway Golf brand promises quality products for an unforgettable experience.

Here we’ve dedicated a list of some of the must-have products from the brand.

1) XR 16 Fairway Wood

Golf ballContinuing with the company’s success on fairway woods, we have the XR 16 Fairway Wood, which promises better features all-around. With a larger head shape and a combination of Callaway’s highest MOI and COR together with a low CG, the XR 16 Fairway Wood is all but normal. A light crown allows the player to move the weight wherever he or she wants to. It promises higher ball speed from an optimized Hyper Speed Face Cup. Moreover, an aerodynamic head shape allows for faster head speed to match the increased ball speed. If you’re a golfer and you’re looking for a source of emotional comfort, the XR 16 Fairway Wood is here.

2) Apex Hybrids

The new Apex Hybrids made a buzz on Tour becoming the top hybrid at the prestigious BMW Masters. The Apex Hybrids are not for the faint of heart as they act like driving irons. These feature better control in ball flight and are more workable because of its well-designed form. The Apex Hybrids promise faster ball speeds – whether it’s a center or off-center hit – because of a Forged Face Cup made from Carpenter 455 Steel. With their internal standing wave, the CG can be moved where players want it. This is the ideal hybrid for anyone interested in sharing the success of his or her golf idols.

3) Apex Black Irons

The Apex Black Irons – much like Apex CF 16 set – features Callaway’s 360 Face Cup technology in irons three to seven. This feature offers more ball speed, distance and face flex whether it’s a center or off-center hit. The 8-PW does not have this feature as it is meant to improve control on approach shots. The set is designed for excellent scoring performance from long irons to short irons with its progressive CG height, sole width and offset. Forged from carbon steel, the Apex Black irons have a comfortable, soft feeling to them. This set comes with a choice of steel or graphite shafts.

4) Odyssey White Hot RX #1 Putter

GolfProbably one of the most-well awarded putters, the Odyssey White Hot RX is any golfer’s dream. Odyssey brags having the most putter wins on tour and White Hot is considered the most iconic insert in golf history. The classic White Hot was combined with a dual layer injected molded insert that optimizes speed and feel. The oval design observed in Callaway’s Metal-X and Odyssey Works models is present in White Hot RX. A V-line mallet was designed for better accuracy and alignment. This promises a better golfing experience for any golf enthusiast, and surely a Callaway must-have.

5) MD3 Milled Matte Black Wedges

The MD3 Milled Matte Black Wedges have 3 unique grinds: (1) W-Grind for softer conditions, (2) S-Grind for any conditions, and (3) C-Grind for firmer conditions. These have a three-groove package precision milled onto their faces that allows for better spin transition from irons to wedges. The design flaunts a balanced wedge, a comfortable toe profile and a partially straight leading edge. These also come with more custom options, where players can choose from a variety of grips, finishes and shafts. These also carry new lofts that allow for either better control of trajectory with the 50° and 52° lofts or more aggressive shot making with 64° loft.

6) Chrome Soft Golf Ball

Callaway Golf GearAfter meager success in the golf ball category for several years, Callaway Golf has made a major turnaround with a 29 percent increase in year-over-year sell-through dollars for the U.S. Market for golf balls. Its Chrome Soft golf balls have the highest net promoter score amongst the golf ball lines. The line has an exclusive Dual SoftFast CoreTM, which features fast ball speeds with reduced spins during launching. It brags a four-piece construction that promises even more control throughout the bag. It also has low compression for a soft feel.

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Factors to Consider in Customizing Badge Lanyards

Customized lanyards have changed the way we look at how companies work for increasing their brand recognition. By coming up with professional-looking IDs attached to the lanyards showing the name and logo of the company, it’s confidently easy for existing employees to attract potential clients.

Though it may seem easy to purchase lanyards for corporate use, it’s difficult to come up with stylish designs that can match the color of the lanyards and complement the employee’s uniforms.

The marketing and advertising department of the company is in charge of that. Although the design of the logo and company name should not be changed, these people must come up with eye-catching designs on other areas to increase brand awareness.

What are the other things that should be considered in customizing badge lanyards? Let’s look at them below:

• Purpose. It dictates the kind of lanyard that our company should produce. Various business types require various materials for the lanyards that they will use. Normally, industrial companies like factories use lanyards that are made of practical and durable materials. Their primary concern is not the color and design of the lanyards. It’s enough for them to see a simple design that contain the distinctive logo and company name on the lanyard’s surface. In addition, they also require lanyards that have retractable hooks so that employees can easily attach small tools for their everyday tasks.

budget lanyards• Budget. We consider the budget before purchasing a specific item and the same thing also goes for ordering high-quality customized lanyards. We must have a budget that will fit our preference when it comes to our desired lanyard design. Don’t go for customized printing providers that offer much cheaper prices. Chances are, the quality of lanyards will become sacrificed.

Instead, ask the preferred printing provider to supply affordable packages that suit our needs. If they offer additional attachments such as retractable cords and gadget hooks, we can refuse them as they will add more to the total cost. However, if there’s really a need to use these attachments, we may ask the provider to help us find durable materials at a less expensive price.

• Design. The intricate design of the brand name or logo is another thing to consider in customizing badge lanyards. Every company wants to be unique from the others that’s why; it’s essential to come up with an eye-catching logo and a distinctive brand name. As clients, we have to make sure that the logo and brand name printed on the lanyard’s surface are well-designed to create a more professional-looking appeal for all especially for prospective clients.

Normally, companies that have more intricate and multi-colored logo or brand name designs need lanyard types that can specifically accommodate their needs. Usually, silk-screen printing is suggested for these designs because it’s more affordable than the embroidered process. Not to mention, it’s easier to create these designs through silk-screen printing.

• Size, Next thing to consider is the size of the logo or company name that will be printed on the lanyard’s surface. Determining the design size is essential because the appropriate lanyard length and width will depend on it. Complex designs require wider lanyard sizes while the simpler ones need leaner or lesser lanyard width.

• Colors. Keep in mind that colors play an important role in customizing lanyards. Go for the ones that will complement the logo design and the employee’s uniforms. The first thing that we usually notice about a lanyard is its color so it should always look attractive. Avoid using gaudy or neon colors because their shades are unappealing to our eyes.

• Message. While the role of logos are to increase brand recall, the role of printed messages is to provide pertinent information about the brand. Texts such as taglines, website address and contact numbers can be imprinted in the lanyard’s surface.

• Safety. Some types of badge lanyards are made with breakaway styles or features. Breakaway ones are generally safer to use as they are easier to open when grabbed by other people.
• Lanyard widths. There are four standard lanyard widths to consider apart from the logo size:
1. 1/8 inch width (round) – this is ideal for conferences and trade shows.
2. ¼ inch width (round) – this is considered as the most compatible width for all breakaway lanyards.
3. ¾ inch width (flat) – this is the standard choice for our daily office works and school activities.
4. 5/8 inch width (flat) – this size is ideal for any complex design.

Taking all these things into consideration will definitely bring positive effect on our company’s marketing strategy of using customized badge lanyards as promotional items. For a wide range of lanyard customization services, we can visit sites like

Author Bio: provides different kind of lanyards like custom lanyard, badge lanyard, polyester Lanyard and many more in affordable price with different size and shapes.
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Become the Best Leader that you can Be at Motivational Speaker Success

There are distinguishing traits that set great leaders from managers. While managers are those people who do things right, leaders are those who choose to do the right thing. Managers plan what is best for a company, organize his team, coordinates with different managers, while leaders inspire their team to a vision, and motivates these people to work together to achieve a common goal, which is organizational success.Powerful leaders have certain traits that make them loved and respected by their team. Read on to find out about these unique traits.

Motivational Speaker•  Great leaders value the opinion of their people

They create an atmosphere in the organization, which encourages their team members to speak up their minds. Powerful leaders realize the value of the opinion of each and every member of their team, and so they listen to these perspectives. People from different backgrounds can have different views, and sometimes, the differences in these views help an organization in attaining success. If you are a manager who oftentimes get your employees intimidated by you, we at can teach you how best to encourage your group to voice out and share their valuable opinion.

•  Great leaders set clear expectations

Great leaders are also great communicators. They can communicate their expectations to their team, so that each member knows and understands the core values of the organization. It is also important to communicate to the whole group the vision, mission and objectives of the organization. Doing so will guide everyone as they carry out their individual tasks. This can also give them a rationale on why they need to work on a certain task. When an employee understands why he needs to complete a task, he becomes more motivated and becomes more successful in his task.

•  Great leaders acknowledge their team’s efforts

As great communicators, leaders also provide their members with feedback on their performance. Communicating the areas on which an individual needs to improve on will help him learn and grow. In addition, communicating the best practices of an individual will help him build more confidence and will inspire him to do even better in his other responsibilities. Great leaders acknowledge the efforts of their people and they never take these key employees for granted.

•  Great leaders are humble enough to seek counsel

Leaders also understand that communication is a two-way process, so they have the openness to accept criticisms given to them by their peers and members. When leaders are open to these feedback, they get the chance to improve their methods to provide even better guidance to their people. With the importance of giving and receiving feedback, it is important to learn about the best methods of communicating to the people in your team, which you can learn at

•  Great leaders trust their men

Great leaders also see the importance of showing their people that they trust them. They delegate tasks to their people, but they also do not micromanage to show their members their trust. Powerful leaders communicate what must be done, but they never dictate to their people how to do things. At, we will provide you with tips and techniques on how to efficiently and effectively delegate the tasks to the proper departments or people.

•  Great leaders bring out the best in their people

Aside from delegating tasks, leaders also show how they value their people by bringing out the best in them. Leaders do this by giving their people tasks that will be challenging to them. These types of leaders do not allow their colleagues to settle for comfort, and always promote dynamism in the organization. Employees may find it difficult to overcome these challenging tasks at first, but when they have completed these tasks, they are sure to learn many things and acquire new skills. Tips on how to challenge employees to bring out their full potential can be learned at

•  Great leaders are good role models

Great leaders are also great examples. They lead by example by practicing what they preach and being mindful of their actions. The best leaders know that many people look up to them, so they understand that they need to be good role models for their people.

•  Great leaders find solutions, not faults

The best leaders in the world are those who are not afraid of dealing with issues head on. When problems arise, their initial response will be how to deal with the matter. They do not point fingers and look for someone to blame. Instead, they encourage their people to work together to help solve the issues. At, we will help you to hone your problem solving skills so that you will become a great and powerful leader.

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Complementing Your HCG Drops with a Great HCG Lifestyle

Buy-HCG-DropsIf you’re a beginner with the HCG diet or planning to go with it, then you are like many weight-loss hopefuls that are a bit confused on the proper steps to make sure they stick with this amazing dietary program. It’s pretty simple to take your HCG drops at the prescribed times of the day, but it is a whole different story trying to go through a day. There aren’t any real rules, but there are plenty of guidelines so as to ensure that you don’t veer away from the right path.

First of all, you have to get acquainted with water. Yes, water. If you haven’t been a big water drinker before starting on the HCG diet, make sure that you do try to develop a thirst (no pun intended!) for it. Water helps alleviate the hunger that you may and will encounter due to not being used to limiting yourself with consumption. Believe us, this is completely normal. The body is merely reacting to a lifetime’s worth of improper eating, only responding to say that it is extremely wary of the changes. Water then becomes your closest ally in the fight against fat because it not only cleanses your body of unwanted fat and toxins, but they also sate your body in such a way to make you seem full.

Don’t worry if you drink too much water; the weight that you may gain from drinking more often is only temporary and will disappear in the very next day. We can’t stress enough the importance of water in the diet. Also, make sure that it’s good, clean, and sterilized water; nothing from the tap should ever pass through your lips.

With the significance of water, it goes without saying that even the different kinds of niceties you use every day in your home for your body should also be water-based. Cosmetics, hair gels, and other kinds of items should never be oil-based. It is because anything oil-based can inadvertently be hazardous to the HCG diet by introducing fatty oils that are avoided in your food. Make sure that everything you use is as natural as it can be.

Sometimes, however, the hunger can’t be alleviated by water, no matter how hard you try. If that happens, make sure you stock up on fruits because you will be eating them for those moments of weakness. Per hunger pang, eat only one fruit like an apple or banana. Fruits won’t add so much as any visible calories that may affect your pre-planned daily intake of calories.

Speaking of pre-planning, the one thing that you should never, ever, ever forget is your pre-planned food. Make it a habit to plan out your delicious dishes for an entire week. Start concocting your menu on every Sunday to allow maximum flexibility with time. There are plenty of recipes created specifically for HCG dieters who take HCG drops, and learning a variety of them can take some time. But so long as you free up a Sunday every week just for that activity, you’ll find your regular days to run as smoothly as Don Draper of Mad Men.

With food, know that your pangs of hunger aren’t always due to your body reacting to the change in your diet, but sometimes, it’s only because you yourself want something tasty. We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to keep your HCG-qualified dishes to be the most orgasmic meals you’ve ever had. Strong seasoning and masterful craftsmanship can go so far along with the diet. Much like the HCG drops; taste is an extremely important factor for your diet. Sheer variety will also help, making sure that every meal is something new that something repetitive. Once you’ve had your fill of a flavorful meal, you will notice the hunger kept at bay more often. With enough time and repetition, the hunger will go away completely, leaving you free and clear from any sorts of temptations that may come along the way.

The concept of flavor also goes together with fruits and water. With a couple of slices from your favored fruit with common juice, like a lemon or and orange, add them to a pitch of water and add an artificial sweetener of your choosing. Not only do you get your taste buds in a tizzy, but you also get to healthy benefits of water, clearing up your system and pushing back hunger.

Finally, keep yourself busy. If you have any downtime at all, go on and do something to keep your mind away from food that endanger your diet. Watch some television, read a book, play a video game, do some yoga, and pretty much anything else under the great sun. If your mind and hands are occupied, there won’t ever be any room for temptation to squeeze its way into your psyche.

Remember always that with the proper activities, your prescribed dosages of HCG drops, and good determination, you will well be on your way to your fabulous figure and healthy lifestyle, all thanks to the HCG diet. Good luck and bon appetit!

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